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Bali Indulgence - 2024


Unwind, recharge, and shop with the pros while exploring our favorite place on God’s green earth—Bali. 


We've designed an indulgent, luxurious, and leisurely 11-day tour of this magical island featuring top-shelf hotels, fabulous shopping (with your bounty being shipped back to the States in a shared 40’ container), wonderful food, and insider off-the-beaten track, exclusive experiences. Highlights will include hiking verdant rice terraces, attending a cooking class, soaking in some sun and have plenty of opportunities for yoga, meditation and other self-care (including shopping, shopping, shopping!). You'll be indulged with 3 guides—one an accomplished interior designer who'll help you select the perfect items for your home, one a longtime Balinese travel and buying expert, and best of all, our very special local guide who will provide an unparalleled insiders view of festivals, celebrations, rituals, and his own ancient rural village.


We’ll focus on three destinations: the cultural heartland of Ubud, the oft-ignored but stunning inland volcanic mountains and rice terraces, and bustling Seminyak Beach, allowing plenty of time in each area to relax and take it in, while still experiencing the essential elements of the perfect Balinese visit. 


Tour dates in-country are September 28 (arrive) - October 8 (depart) 2024. Click here for the final trip itinerary in compressed .pdf format. Drop me an email at if you have any further questions.

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