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Selling / Consigning To Us

We are always actively seeking quality items for consignment or, in some cases, purchase. For consignments, being Denver's only Asian-specialist store, we are in a good position to get you top dollar (for this market) for your treasures. Of course, it's not rocket science but for purchases, we'll try to buy things for less than we think we can sell them. If you are looking to cash out quickly, it may be the way to go. But, in most cases, you'd probably net more by letting us sell your pieces on consignment.

While we're an Asian-focused store, we've sold things from all over the world. Whether consignment or purchase, the watchwords for us are 'eclectic', 'interesting', 'of quality', and 'in at least good condition'. We can do minor fix-ups or touch ups, but if it gets into significant work, we'll need you to cover our costs (if you consign to us) to make it floor-ready. We are not really interested in tourist chotske no matter where it's from. Hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces in good condition will most often be of interest.


Email with photos of what you wish to consign or sell. We'll get back to you promptly with an assessment of interest and a consignment agreement, if applicable.

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