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Staff Bios

We have a tremendous staff of experienced travelers and buyers.

I'll let them tell their stories in their own words:

Rebecca R.- Rebecca is a veteran traveler who has logged extensive travels throughout the world, with Bali specifically among her favorite destinations. She is a curious and ambitious soul pursuing her degree while honing her business skills and marketing expertise. She would someday like to have her own import business.

Suzy M.-I started out as a customer, but when my house got too full I decided to come to work at DecorAsian so I could enjoy all these wonderful pieces any time I want without buying them!  Actually, my husband and I have collected so much during our travels, and with all my purchases from this store, I joke that my home is DecorAsian West.  After we sold our own business 6 years ago, we quickly realized that neither one of us wanted to sit at home 7 days a week. So, I decided to satisfy my love of foreign and exotic artifacts by working here part time.   My passion is travel (and buying, I must admit), and I've always tried to bring back as much as I possibly can from the 80 countries we've visited.  I feel an almost emotional connection to most all of the items in the store, and absolutely love to share what I know with everyone who shows an interest in a piece.  I'm still learning and traveling, so am always happy to hear stories about the origin and meaning of an item.  

Rusty S.- Enough about Rusty for now. See our "Company History" page for more about Rusty.

If you'd like to perhaps someday join our team, drop me a line at

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