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  • Try before you buy with no obligation.

  • “Holds” a piece while you consider the purchase

  • More convenient than a purchase and a refund


Time limit:  Customers will be given until the end of the second day following the day the merchandise is taken out or delivered to either return the piece or notify us of their decision to purchase it. If delivery is required, it must be taken by the end of the second day following the day the approval is written up. Delivery/approval dates beyond these parameters may be allowed at our discretion; however, a 10% non-refundable deposit will apply.

Delivery charges:  Delivery charges will apply for an approval, even if the piece is not kept. A pick-up fee equal to the delivery fee will be assessed for all approvals not purchased where we are required to return to your location and pick up the merchandise. Our delivery service normally includes placement of the piece. If a decision not to keep a piece is made on the spot at the time of delivery, the pick-up fee will reduced by 75%.

Multiple pieces:  Generally, we limit approvals to no more than two pieces for each individual space or application within your home. If you consider two pieces and decide not to take either, other alternatives may be taken out after the initial selections are returned.

Final price:  Price as indicated on the invoice will be the final price. Purchase prices are non-negotiable once a piece has been taken out of the store or delivered.

File information:  A copy of your credit card will be retained in your file so that you may simply call us and we can run the charge if you choose to keep the piece. We also require a copy of a government I. D. (driver’s license, passport, etc.), a physical address, an e-mail address and a working phone number. You will be required to sign an “Approval Agreement”, including a “Statement of Condition”. Basically, this agreement documents our mutual understanding of the terms of the approval.

Notification of intent to purchase:  Just call us and we will run the charge. No need to come in. We prefer that you speak directly with or e-mail one of our staff at whichever location you picked up the merchandise.

Notification of return:  At our discretion, the approval period can be extended provided we are notified. Of course, if a pick-up from your location is required, we will schedule it based on our mutual convenience and availability.

Notification of assistance upon return:  Some of our staff may not be able to lift heavier pieces. So, if you intend to return a larger/heavier piece and will require assistance removing it from your vehicle, it is best to call first and make arrangements so that we can be sure to have someone that can help you.

If we do not hear from you:  For any pieces taken out of the store, we will consider the purchase to be final and will process the charge to your credit card if we do not hear from you within 24 hours after the end of the approval period. For pieces placed on “in-store approval”, we will take the piece off of approval status as of the end of the pre-arranged approval period.

Statement of condition:  Our design consultant on duty will carefully inspect the piece with you and make a notation of any damage/defects, etc. This statement will constitute part of a signed Approval Agreement. You will be required to pay for repairs on any pieces damaged while in your possession.

Pre-approval of credit card charges:  We reserve the right to Pre-approve credit card charges for merchandise taken on approval. This will typically be done for larger approval transactions.

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