Strangler Fig Bar Top/Bistro Table

SKU: IS1908115

This unusual, and one-of-a-kind, table is made from the Starngler fig tree. These unique trees start as small springs and climb towards the rainforest canopy by wrapping themselves around larger trees. Eventually, they kill thier hosts and the hosts rot away, leaving this cylindrical wooden web. I once stumbled across a very large one in Sulawesi, Indonesia and climbed probaby 75' up it. Once I put snakes out of my mind, it was an amazing expereince...  The table base averages a diameter of 26", and is very stable with a 5/8" thick x 30" diameter glass top.


ORIGIN:  Java, Indonesia

YEAR/CIRCA:  Contemporary

DIMENSIONS:   32"h x 30"w x 30"d

Item #:  IS1908115

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