Pricing and Policies Regarding the Corona Virus-Updated 1/17/22

Updated: Jan 17

Although in all honesty Covid has been good for our business (because folks are working on their homes instead of traveling and dining out), we are anticipating a time when that might shift as people do get more comfortable with travel. So, we are always trying to drive sales for that time.

In order to maintain sustainable cash flows, we are doing whatever it takes to encourage web-based purchases, including offering generous discounts if your purchase starts on-line. So, explore our site, and if you see anything of interest that you would like to discuss, please call us at #303-619-5938 . We can help arrange for delivery/shipping as well. And for local customers, if necessary, we will work with you to let you see things in your home on approval.

Please also subscribe to our almost-daily newsletters for information on new products, and sales and (sometimes) pithy commentary. You can do this by scrolling to the bottom of the 'Contact Us' page accessed on the home page of this website. During the worst of covid, we shifted our focus to ramping up content on our web-site and to other digital marketing efforts, including instagram, secondary seller sites, and search engine optimization. It seems to be bearing fruit as our sales are up dramatically since 2019. And we are committed to continually updating our website although it sometimes takes a few weeks to get new acquisitions photographed, cataloged, and uploaded.

Finally, please remember, that this too shall pass (AGAIN!). So, it REALLY might be a good time to focus on beautifying your home, especially if you have had some budget freed up from cancelled travel, not dining out, not going to sporting events, and pretty much not doing anything else. Really, our problem is your opportunity. So, I hope you might take advantage of it. Because this opportunity too shall pass.

Lastly, we are adhering to the current Denver Department of Public Health mandate that you wear a mask when in any public indoor setting. This order is expected to run thru Feb. 3, 2022, or maybe 2023.

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