Pricing and Policies Regarding the Corona Virus-Updated 3/27

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Retail, like everything else, is an endangered species right now. We're obviously not exempt.

In accordance with State and City directives, we are closed for walk-in business until at least April 30th (for the time being). With appropriate 'social distancing', we may be able to facilitate visits by appointment (call 303-619-5938), especially for designers and other professionals.

So, in order to maintain sustainable cash flows, we are doing whatever it takes to encourage web-based purchases, including offering extremely generous discounts if your purchase starts on-line. So, explore our site, and if you see anything of interest, know that with the exception of a relatively small portion of our inventory, until further notice, you can likely count on AT LEAST 40% off of retail on everything. So, call 303-619-5938 if you would like to discuss an item. We can arrange for delivery/shipping as well of course, even during the 'stay at home' period, as best as I can figure out at least. And, for local customers, if necessary, we will work with you to let you see things in your home on approval.

Please also subscribe to our almost-daily newsletters for information on "Pepper's Picks" and daily 'Flash Sales'. You can do this by scrolling to the bottom of the 'Contact Us' page accessed on the home page of this website. We've shifted our focus to ramping up content on our web-site and to other digital marketing efforts, including instagram, secondary seller sites, and search engine optimization. While hours have been cut, we have extended paid leave, the equivalent of two weeks worth of hours, to supplement our employees' pay so that they can 'stay whole' during this time.

Finally, please remember, that this too shall pass. So, it REALLY might be a good time to focus on beautifying your home, especially if you have had some budget freed up from cancelled travel, not dining out, not going to sporting events, and pretty much not doing anything else. Really, our problem is your opportunity. So, I hope you might take advantage of it. Because this opportunity too shall pass.

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