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  • Interest-free financing.

  • Free storage.


  Lay-away limit: Purchase must be over $200


  Deposit: Minimum of 20% down


  Payments timing:  Equal installments of 1/3 of the balance, starting on the first day of the second month following the month of purchase.  Additional payments will be required on the first day of each month thereafter until the balance is paid in full.

Lay-aways extending beyond this time frame may be arranged but administrative/storage fees may be assessed at our option as follows: 

Lay-aways extending 4-6 months beyond the purchase date: 5% of the purchase price.

Lay aways extending 7-12 months beyond the purchase date: 10% of the purchase price.

Of course, payments can be accelerated without penalty.


  Statement of condition: Our design consultant on duty will carefully inspect the piece with you and make a notation of any damage/defects, etc. This statement will constitute part of a signed Lay Away Agreement.


  Payment mechanism:  Unless other arrangements are specifically approved, lay away payments must be made by credit card. We will maintain a copy of the card on file and run the payments on the scheduled due date. Customers will not be notified unless a specific request is made due to extenuating circumstances.


  File information:  We will need a copy of a credit card, a physical address, a working phone number, and a working e-mail address in order to process any layaway. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify us if there are any changes to any of this information.


  Cancellation of purchase:  The purchase will be deemed to be cancelled if, after our best good-faith efforts to notify you, a payment is 30 days    late. We will retain 50% of the amount paid as of the determination of the cancellation or as of the date that you notify us that you do not intend to follow through on the purchase. This fee is intended to compensate us for our administrative, moving, and storage costs as well as the “opportunity cost” of pulling the piece off the floor for you.


  Pick-up of merchandise:  Merchandise must be picked-up or delivery arrangements made within 30 days of final payment. We must be notified two business days in advance of any pick-up.


  Lay Away agreement:  A signed “Lay Away Agreement”, documenting our mutual understanding of the terms of the layaway, is required for all lay-aways.

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