The term "altar table" denotes a piece that was originally intended to be used as a home altar for either an ancestor or Buddha shrine. We would characterize a shorter altar table as a "hall table". A longer (than say 50") altar table would fall within our "console table' category. It's quite common for an older altar table to have burn marks on the top from candles, oil lamps, etc. Altar tables may have drawers.

Altar Stand
23H x 39W x 15D
Altar Table
50.5 X 21.5 x 40
Altar Table
41 x 18 x 15.5
Carved Altar Stand
21H x 34W x 21D
Carved Hall Table
40.5 x 19 x 35.5

Chinese Alter / Console Table
96"w 17"d 35"h
Console/Altar Table
56"W 13.5"D 33"H
Five-Niche Altar
14H x 35W x 7D
Painted Bench
54" W, 12" D, 18" H
Three-Part Shrine Set