"Country Style" Side Table
27.5"w 27.5"d 30"h
A Set of Mortar and Pestle
18"diameter 20"h
Chinese Side Table
38"w 12.5"d 21"h
Display Stand
21"H 12"W 9"D
Display Stand
12"H 11"W 6"D

Display Stand
23"H 18"W 14"D
European Small Side Table
15 3/4"w 15 3/4"d 19"h
French Marble Round Table
30" diameter 29"h
15"H 31"W 18"D
Japanese Hibachi with Stand


Library Table
49"w 39"d 30"h
Low Kang Table
40.5"W 16"D 15.5"H
Low Kang Table
41.5" W 15"D 16"H
Low small Side Table
11"H x 35"W x 22"D
Red Side Table
24"W 12.5"D 28.5"H

Round Side Table
26"diameter 24"h
Small Side Table
14.5"W 14.5"D 16.5"H
Writing Table/Desk
44"w 33"d 31.5"h