Our seating options vary from the formal and very beautiful Chinese "official's hat" chairs to turn-of-the-century Raj colonial teak/rattan loungers. Add some silk pillows for comfort and you have an elegant and practical heirloom piece.
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19"H 68"W 13"D
18.5"H 84"W 21"D
21"H 81"W 24"D

$399.00 $250.00
Child's Chair
26"H X 14"W X 12"D

European Bench / Trunk
78"w 22.5"d 36.5"
Foot Stool
11" H X 15"W X 8"D
Foot Stool
11"W X 16"W X 11"D
French "Gothic" Chair
26"w 21"d 60.5"h
Indonesian Side Chair
20.5"w 22"d 34.5"h

Kitchen Stool
20"h x 15"w x 15"d
Kitchen Stool
20"h x 19"w x 19"d
Kitchen Stool
20"H 16"W 16"D
Kitchen Stool
20"H X 16"W X16"D
Lama Throne
71H x 37W x 28D

Milking Stool
15"H X 15"W X 13"D
$349 $175
Pair of French Chairs
17.5"w 16"d 43"h
Set of Six French Chairs
18"w 17"d 44"h
Slipcover Chair
43"H x 18"W x 19"D
16"H 18"W 18"D

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