Our seating options vary from the formal and very beautiful Chinese "official's hat" chairs to turn-of-the-century Raj colonial teak/rattan loungers. Add some silk pillows for comfort and you have an elegant and practical heirloom piece.
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19"H 68"W 13"D
21"H 81"W 24"D

$399.00 $250.00
Child's Chair
26"H X 14"W X 12"D
Dining Chair


Foot Stool
11" H X 15"W X 8"D
Foot Stool
11"W X 16"W X 11"D
French "Gothic" Chair
26"w 21"d 60.5"h
Kitchen Stool
20"h x 15"w x 15"d
Kitchen Stool
20"h x 19"w x 19"d

Kitchen Stool
20"H 16"W 16"D
Kitchen Stool
20"H X 16"W X16"D
Lama Throne
71H x 37W x 28D
Milking Stool
15"H X 15"W X 13"D
$349 $175
Painted Bench
54"W 12"D 18"H

Pair of French Chairs
17.5"w 16"d 43"h
87"W 16.5"D 21.5"H
Set of Six French Chairs
18"w 17"d 44"h
8"H 35"W 10"D
Teak Bench
80"w 39"d 39"h
$2,495.00 $975.00

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