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Altar Stand
23H x 39W x 15D
Amulet "Gawoo" Cabinet
36H x 27W x 17D
Bird Oil Lamp
3"w 2.5"d 4.5"h
Bronze small Cup/Vase with handle
4.25"w 6"h
Butter Tea Serving Set
6.5"diamter 10"h (thermos)

Cube Chest
19H x 19W x 19D
Door Panel
63 x 28W x 2D
Door Panel
75H x 39W x 2D
Face "Spice" Box
3.5"w 2.75" d 2.75" h
Five Goddess Butter Lamp
6"diameter 10"high

Five-Niche Altar
14H x 35W x 7D
Foo Dog Candle Stick
3.5"w 1.5"d 5.5"h
Four-Panel Scroll Cabinet
44H x 31W x 15D
Guru Painting.
36H x 27W x 2D
Lama Throne
71H x 37W x 28D

Nepalese Mask
9"w 5"d 16"h
Pyramid Thangka Chest
36H x 24W x 10D
Shrine Cabinet
36H x 31W x 14D
Shrine Cabinet
35H x 41W x 17D
Shrine Cabinet
44.5H x 50.25W x 20D

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