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Ancestor Scroll Painting
74"H x 41"W x Y"D
Ancestor Scroll Painting
66"H x 32"W x Y"D
Architectural Foo Dog Pair
17H x 7W x 17D
20"H 16"W 11 "D
Carved Altar Stand
21H x 34W x 21D

Ceramic Pot
21H x 17W x 17D
Chinese Amoire
41"w 22 1/2"d 71"h
Chinese Boy's Hat
11"x 6.5"x 3.5"
Chinese Side Table
38"w 12.5"d 21"h
Chinese Sideboard/Low Buffet
55.5"w 17"d 22"h
$1,995.00 $980.00

Chinese Vase / amphora
12"w 20.5"h
Chinese Wedding Amoire
56"w 22"d 69"5h
$2,995.00 $$1,000.00
Elephant Sculpture
32"w 14"d 37"h
Hand-woven Wool Rug.
98"H 74"W
Koromandel Screen
96"w 84"h

Lighted Shadowbox
24"H 24"W 3"D
Low Kang
13"H x 60"W x 9"D
Low small Side Table
11"H x 35"W x 22"D
Mongolian Grain Chest
31H x 62W x 19D
Rustic Pots
28"H 19"W 19"D

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