Wall Art
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Ancestor Scroll Painting
74"H x 41"W x Y"D
Ancestor Scroll Painting
66"H x 32"W x Y"D
Door Panel
63 x 28W x 2D
Door Panel
75H x 39W x 2D
Framed Ancestor Scroll
50"H X 23"W X1"D

Framed Art (Stencil)
55"H 26"W 1"D
French Floor Mirror
30"w 6"d 68"h
Galare Roof Decoration.
39"H 44"W 1"D
Guru Painting.
36H x 27W x 2D
Japanese Ranma Transom
84"w 1"d 16"h

Japanese Roof Tile
14"w 3"d 9"h
Japanese Tsutsugaki Fabric / Tapestry
38"w 45"h
Lighted Shadowbox
24"H 24"W 3"D
Nepalese Mask
9"w 5"d 16"h
Original Acrylic Oil Painting. "3 Dancers"
48"H 67"W 3"D

Original Acrylic Oil Painting. "Green Legong Dancer."
40"H 36"W 3"D
Original Acrylic Oil Painting. "Winged Dancer"
37"H 45"W 3"D
$495.00 $75
Reverse Painting on Glass
29"h x 11"w x 1"D
Small Ancestor Painting
24"H X 14"W X 1"D
Standing Blessing Plaque
16H x 27W x 6D

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