Buddhist Sculpture
Buddhist sculpture is rich with a wide variety of images. Quan Yin, Buddha, dragons, foo dogs all are part of the Buddhist legacy.

1 Meter Sitting Buddha
43"H 31"W 28"D
Bronze Sitting Buddha. Bronze. 5CM
2"H 1"W 1"D
Buddha Pedestal
10"H 30"W 23"D
Buddha Throne
67"H 38"W 30"D
Granite Buddha Head
9"w 9"d 14.5"h

Nickle Buddha Head. 10 CM
4"H 3"W 3"D
Nickle Buddha Head. 6 CM
2.5"H 1.5"W 1.5"D
Nickle Reclining Buddha. 10 CM
4"H 7"W 2"D
Thai Spirit Sculpture
11"w 10"d 45"h