On-Site Consultations

  • Receive valuable advice on incorporating “Fine Things Asian” and other eclectica into your living space.
  • Let us help you create beauty, peace and harmony in your home

Charges: We charge $50 per hour for time spent during on-site consultations. Fifty percent of this fee will be credited, dollar for dollar, toward any purchases in excess of $300 that follow the in-home consultation. For example, if our design consultant spends two hours in your home, you would be charged $100. The first fifty dollars paid would be credited toward any purchase of $300 or more which followed the consultation. This is a great way to get professional design assistance at a great rate!

Additional non-refundable charges may apply for delivery of pieces during an in-home consultation or for drive time if outside of the Denver Metro area. We reserve the right to limit design consultations.

Minimums and advance payment: There is a one hour minimum charge, to be paid in advance, for all on-site consultations. A credit card copy will be required in the event that time and charges exceed these parameters.

Merchandise approval: Merchandise delivered in conjunction with an on-site consultation approval will be subject to the terms of our approval policy.